Welcome to Film and Media Studies in Groningen

Welcome to the Film and Media Studies track within the Department of Arts, Culture, and Media Studies at the University of Groningen! On this website you can find all information about what we offer in our bachelor and master tracks.

Why Groningen?

We pride ourselves on the scholarly and critical achievements of our teaching staff, who work actively in the national and international world of film and media research and whose work is published widely. Moreover, our staff is well-positioned in the professional networks in the country. Therefore, our staff is ideally equipped to provide students with the skills, theoretical as well as practical skills (via traineeships), to prepare them for a career across many professions.

The department has a strong international perspective and (research) network, apparent both in the background of its staff and students, and in their research interests, constituting a diverse, vibrant and intellectual community.

The Film Archive

We also happen to have a film archive which holds extensive collections of films, literature, and perhaps most importantly, media devices. Universities, unlike museums and archives, are NOT focused on collecting unique objects; their main concern is research and education. Such archival conditions allow for work on replicas and redundant devices and invite a hands-on experimental approach that is practical by its very nature. Hence: what we have at our disposal today – our apparatus collections - we can study in new and innovative ways.

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